The mystery of coldsteel’s heritage

Mr. Coldsteel has appointed you as his heir and asks you to solve a mystery. During the trip you will go through the history of the factory and you discover a piece of history of Mr. Coldsteel. Can you solve the mystery?

This project is an immersive treasurehunt wich takes you all over the Mengfabriek factorygrounds. This terrain in Den Bosch was the former Koudijs Animal feeds factory. During the exposition Small Stories in Silent Buildings we told the hidden history of this building.

During the devolpment of this porject we found it very important that we based the story on true events. We made sure that they were a huge part of the story and that the player would play and learn all toghether.

This project is the result of the collaboration with Lieke Nijhuis, Denise Matos and Melissa Roelofs.

Exibition design and first puzzel

Story and promotional

Cryptex puzzel


Puzzel number 2


Morse Code box

Final Hiding place


Social media and website

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